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Upcoming Event: The Female and Her Body in Contemporary Pakistani Art

October 22nd, 2013

Humanities News

“The Female and Her Body in Contemporary Pakistani Art”

A lecture by Sophiya Khwaja

November 4, 2013, 2pm
Shiffman 219

In a social framework where women’s visibility has been culturally and historically undesirable, and, when visible, is considered a sexual invitation, the depiction of the female body assumes potent socio political meaning, especially when enunciated by a woman. This lecture will focus on the depiction of the female form in Pakistani Art. Special emphasis will be laid on such work produced by contemporary women artists of the past decade living and working in Pakistan. The owning and celebration of the female body, the connotation to rebellion through its use in art work along with a challenging of the “male gaze” are amongst the main concerns of the lecture. Also under consideration will be the development of the role of women in the arts, mainly through their use of the female form in their own work and the staggering influence this work has had on that produced by their male contemporaries.

Sophiya Khwaja is a Pakistani printmaker currently in residence at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Her talk is sponsored by the Programs in South Asian Studies and History of Ideas. Contact

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