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Marusic Wins the Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize

March 29th, 2012

Humanities News

Professor Jennifer Smalligan Marušić of the Brandeis Philosophy Department has won the 2011 Philosophical Quarterly Essay Prize, which was held for Hume’s tercentenary. Her paper is titled “Refuting the whole system? Hume’s attack on popular religion in ‘The Natural History of Religion.'” This year’s prize was granted for the best essay on the theme “Hume after 300 Years.” The paper will be published in July or October.

Fraleigh Wins Translation Prize

March 27th, 2012

Melissa-Leigh Gore

Matthew Fraleigh

Matthew Fraleigh, Assistant Professor of East Asian Literature and Culture in the Department of German, Russian, and Asian Languages and Literature at Brandeis University has won the William F. Sibley Memorial Translation Prize bestowed annually by the University of Chicago.


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Skorczewski Interviewed in Boston Globe

March 26th, 2012

Melissa-Leigh Gore

Dawn Skorczewski, Associate Professor of English, was interviewed in the Boston Globe this week about her new book An Accident of Hope: The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton. The book explores the material Anne Sexton recorded during her last six months of therapy with Boston psychiatrist Martin Orne and connects the subjects of Sexton’s therapy to the poems she was writing at the  time.  Skorczewski, who received special access to the archive, is only the second person to write about the tapes; in 1991, Diane Middlebrook published her ground-breaking biography of Sexton amid cries that her research was breaching doctor-patient confidentiality. Professor Skorczewski addresses these and other concerns in her interview with the Globe‘s Ruth Graham:

IDEAS: Did you feel conflicted about using tapes of a patient talking to her therapist?

SKORCZEWSKI: I heard Sexton say to Orne several times, “I hope that somebody can use this one day,” or “I hope this can be useful,” about the tapes. So she clearly had the idea that if her personal pain, as it was articulated on the tapes, and also her work with her therapist could be helpful to patients or clinicians, that would make her happy; that would feel good to her. And that conclusion corresponds exactly to what we know about Sexton, which is that her personal life was the raw material of her poetry.

“What Anne Sexton Told Her Psychiatrist,” by Ruth Graham | Boston Globe website

An Accident of Hope: The Therapy Tapes of Anne Sexton is available on Amazon, and can also be ordered through local bookshops like Porter Square Books. More information about Dawn Skorczewski is available in the faculty directory.

Doherty on the Oscars

March 9th, 2012

Humanities News

Tom Doherty

Thomas Doherty, a professor of film studies in the American Studies program, recently published an essay on the Oscars and the demise of 35mm film. Doherty is the author of five books on American film and television, including most recently Hollywood’s Censor: Joseph I. Breen and the Production Code Administration. The essay was published by the History News Network. Titled “The Last Bow for 35mm Film,” it begins: Read more

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