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Maddie Herrup named World Languages and Cultures Fellow for 2019-2020

August 28th, 2019


A message from Maddie:

I am a sophomore at Brandeis. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, I am a double major in Anthropology and HSSP, while additionally pursuing Judaic Studies. Some of my many passions include Judaism, religion, prayer, writing, openly discussing mental health and illness, and (yes) language learning.

Prior to university, I studied Spanish for 10 years, Hebrew for 7 years, and Mandarin for 4 years. Since starting at Brandeis I have continued my Hebrew studies and began learning Arabic (Modern Standard).

To me, language learning can build connections that transcend borders, and other physical or intangible barriers that exist within our world. Language learning, for me, has allowed me to expand my ways of thinking about the world and the individuals that exist within it.

As the new WLC fellow, I am not only hopefully a resource for students but also for instructors as well. To help in doing this, I would love to have any and all input or fun facts throughout my time as a fellow, from you all as instructors! I hope to create meaningful posts for everyone who chooses to follow the page. And I hope throughout the semester you all will communicate with me on what I can do to boost involvement and interest in the languages you all teach!


For questions or more information, email Maddie Herrup or check out the Brandeis Language Learning Facebook and Instagram pages!

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