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Upcoming: Wit and the Present Moment

March 13th, 2012

Humanities News

Wit and the Present Moment
A Lecture by
Gary Saul Morson
Frances Hooper Professor of the Arts and
Humanities at Northwestern University

Classified one way, the shortest literary genres — wise sayings, apothegms, dicta, sardonic maxims, “thoughts” and others — each express a particular view of life. This talk explores the worldview of the witticism, in particular the kind of intelligence it values and its relation to time. Wit demands cunning and presentness, while promising its own distinctive kinds of insights. When longer works include witticisms, they must overcome the drawback of having been already written and so no longer present; but doing so generates an even more interesting kind of wit.

The Dean of Arts and Sciences presents the European Cultural Studies Spring 2012 Lemon Cake Lecture, cosponsored by Comparative Literature. Lemon cake and pizza will be served
(not necessarily in that order).

Wednesday, March 21 | 12-2pm, 219 Shiffman

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